If you blog on a blogger (blogspot) hosted blog, you've probably noticed that the URL of your individual blog posts always carry the year and the month in which the post is entered (Date Values). This is not much needed feature from the point of view of a blogger. I tried selecting "unarchived" option from the "archiving settings" option in the blogger back office, but still the URL's read with the date values.

This is unfortunate from two aspects. From SEO aspects, this is adding irrelevant search terms to your URL (file name). As a priniciple we know, to gain maximum value of SEO one must optimize the keyword usage in the URL of the page.

On the other aspect, if you are planning to migrate a blog from another host to blogger; then again you will find it inconvinient not to get an opportunity for re-directing the already search engine optimize URL's to the most relavent destination.

This is where WordPress becomes more handy where they allow us to customize the post URL of our blogs. However, this alone cannot be taken as a reason for someone to judge WordPress as a sueprior blog host to Blogger. Blogger has it's own advantages in SEO aspects, and more importantly the low cost of maintainance.


Peter Marion said... @ April 17, 2013 at 11:28 PM

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