Email Marketing Tailored to the Sri Lankan Small and Medium Size Businesses

ePlanet Interactive provides perfect Email Marketing solutions to clients in all business sectors, starting from SMEs to any of the larger Sri Lankan corporations. We have our capabilities in sending out bulk email promotion campaigns in Sri Lanka to over 50,000 receivers, segmenting email marketing campaigns, identifying perfect mix of email marketing and other emarketing budgets for Sri Lankan businesses.

We provide Email Marketing Reports to our clients, so that the clients will better understand how their email marketing campaigns performed and on which areas they should pay more attention on.

Why Sri Lankan Companies Need ePlanet Interactive to Support Their Email Marketing Campaigns?

The everyday experience of sending and checking emails has made email a powerful tool for marketing for most Sri Lankan businesses.

Email has become part of everyday life of most Sri Lankan consumers, in this high tech driven society; and like any other media channel, it is increasingly being used as a marketing tool. Better use of email marketing is an efficient, and cheaper method to better reach the consumers, build customer relationship, reach the correct target markets, and be more environmental friendly since email marketing does not require any physical material.

Most Sri Lankan companies choose to use email as a tool broadcast a one way message to an unidentified mass of receivers through cheap email marketing service providers in Sri Lanka. This is not the right thing to do. You have to keep in mind the regulations regarding the spam laws and the effectiveness of reaching the exact inbox of the receivers of your email marketing campaign. Most emarketing agencies in Sri Lanka does not follow these best practices.

Generally speaking, email marketing is a low cost, efficient way of transmitting information to existing or potential customers. It is having the advantage of being an active form of marketing, since the messages are delivered directly to the users, as opposed to a website that has to wait for users to come to it. The results generated by email marketing are easily tracked, and the kind of messages sent through email can be highly specialized to suit the individual needs of the customer.

While email marketing has many advantages and continues to be a great way of marketing on the Internet for Sri Lankan companies, it is a tool that requires caution. Many legitimate email marketing materials are increasingly mistaken for spam by most email clients, and are either manually deleted or blocked by spam filter software. This can be hard to avoid because of the sheer volume of spam, and the many different methods used by spam filters to distinguish between spam and legitimate messages. Therefore, companies in other countries increasingly utilize voluntary mailing lists instead of sending out bulk emails, since the latter can be considered as spam. We also suggest our clients to build their own email list through a separate campaign and then start a more targeted email marketing campaign.


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