eMarketing, is a popular Internet marketing tool, which describes 'how' companies promote their services, products or brands on online sources. In today’s business world, a presence on the Internet will directly affect the success or failure of a business. This is why emarketing in Sri Lanka, today has become such a hot topic about all marketing professionals in Sri Lanka.
Most companies in Sri Lanka are now starting their own websites. But they don’t know that every website should have only one goal and that is to arouse the interest of the visitors. For the homepage to be an effective eMarketing tool, web content needs to follow the search engine optimized (SEO) techniques outlined by search engine domains like Google and Yahoo. Once landing on your site, the content will act as a sales letter. The is where emarketing in Sri Lanka is still at a very premature stage. Most emarketing agencies in Sri Lanka has not the required expertise in Search Engine Optimization and other emarketing tools.

Whether you operate a non-profit organization or sell products on commercial basis, eMarketing is cheaper than the traditional marketing. Over 100,000 Sri Lankans are already on Facebook, and the nubers grow very rapidly. Internet usage in Sri Lanka too is growing; creating more opportunities for emarketing in Sri Lanka. It would take a massive investment to reach this many people in the more traditional means of marketing.

If you are doing eMarketing in Sri Lanka, the cost of advertising is incredibly lower than using any other existing sources of marketing in this country. The same principles of marketing will apply but you need to put less effort. You'll need to identify your target audience, address their needs, and show how they can satisfy those needs.

eMarketing has saved businesses thousands of advertising dollars in other countries, and there’s no reason why it should fail in Sri Lanka. It's an effective marketing tool only if you work with the professionals who know how to use the tools. Finding an agency to do emarketing in Sri lanka is very difficult. ePlanet interactive is a pioneering emarketing agency in Sri Lanka who can meet your requirements. Contact us with your requirement and we will help you to get the best results out of your emarketing budget.

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