The enthusiasm into the internet based means of marketing is increasingly gaining pace in Sri Lanka, as it is cost effective to the businesses to do emarketing. Sri Lanka after the 30 years civil war, now turning into a fast growing economy in South Asia, is best potent to become a nation of emarketing excellence. The usage of internet in Sri Lanka is increasing day by day so it is also the best avenue for the businesses to promote their products and reach their customers through the internet.

Companies are increasingly changing their base from traditional marketing to emarketing. This is because internet is cost effective and faster and streamlines the marketing messages in a way that the one who exposed to the ad is one who will actually buy from the marketer.

Sri Lankan advertising industry lacks the expertise in providing emarketing consultancy to Sri Lankan businesses. ePlanet Interactive bridges this gap by bringing emarketing to Sri Lanka in a simplified formula.

There are number of ways to find emarketing agencies and some companies offering such service Sri Lankan clients. They lack the expertise in bringing out true results that the marketers are interested in. To promote a brand on the internet, one needs posses a good understanding on how search engines work and what are the latest tools available in emarketing industry. This needs a fair amount of understanding of technology as well.

ePlanet Interactive is proficient in emarketing and offers a variety of customized and specialized eMarketing services to promote the client's products, brands etc. Most of all, we are based in Sri Lanka and therefore we understand emarketing needs of Sri Lankan clients most.

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Peter Marion said... @ April 17, 2013 at 11:29 PM

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