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rpc_relay.html - Error on Google Webmaster Central[

[If you are using Google webmaster central to monitor your blogger (blogspot) hosted blog, you are most likely to encounter this error "Pages with missing title tags - /rpc_relay.html‎" . On some other reported occassions, the save /rpc_relay.html‎ file is involved in another error "Crawl Error: Not Found" /Ps/Rpc_relay.Html" In both these occassions, a file Rpc_relay.Html is involved and none of us have actually create this on our blogger site. What is this Rpc_relay.Html file, and how it is being created on blogger sites? [Read More]

How to change favicon in Blogger / Blogspot Hosted Blogs?

[ Sunday, November 22, 2009]

Tired of the orange color “B” favicon appearing on the browser address bar for your blogspot blog? Well; if you are like me who has taken enormous effort to customize your blogspot site to make it distinguished from the generic blogger templates, and hosted your site on your own domain, I’m sure you might be wondering how to add your own site favicon to the address bar of the browser. [Read More]