If you are using Google webmaster central to monitor your blogger (blogspot) hosted blog, you are most likely to encounter this error "Pages with missing title tags - /rpc_relay.html‎" . On some other reported occassions, the save /rpc_relay.html‎ file is involved in another error "Crawl Error: Not Found" /Ps/Rpc_relay.Html" In both these occassions, a file Rpc_relay.Html is involved and none of us have actually create this on our blogger site. What is this Rpc_relay.Html file, and how it is being created on blogger sites?

We Googled for a solution for this and found several alternative theories. Paul Lindner answers the question by an Apache user group member "Can someone please explain what the purpose of the rpc_relay.html file
>is? How does it work? How it should be used?"

Paul writes, "This file is traditionally used for the ifpc rpc mechanism. This allows for cross-domain communication between a gadget and container. The contents of rpc_relay.html are loaded into an invisible iframe that transmits the data. Newer rpc mechanisms do away with much of that. Still to insure greatest
compatibility you should insure that the rpc_relay.html file is hosted on the same domain as your container server."
Apol the Great has the exact same trouble with Rpc_relay.Html and he suggests this file got something to do with Google Friend Connect feature. But on our site Google Friend Connect is not even enabled still, and we are getting the same issue.

We will continue to scan for a fix for this Rpc_relay.Html error on Google Webmaster Central, and keep this page updated. Meanwhile if any of you got an answer to this problem, please leave a comment or a resourceful link.


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